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Izmir City Travel Guide

by pelin

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Is Izmir City Center worth visiting in Turkey?

Are you ready to encounter both the authentic and industrialized geography of Central Asia?

 Our destination is İzmir, located in the western side of Turkey. Previously known as Smyrna, the city has founded on the Aegean coast. It has a unique lifestyle with enjoyable weather throughout the year. In Izmir, people tend to be relaxed and laid back.

Regardless of your age, you can enjoy travelling through Izmir. The city of Izmir provides a rare richness in activities due to its location in Turkey, but also its culture. Experience sports activities, visit historical sites, find many restaurants to taste outstanding Aegean cuisine and swim in the most amazing and pure water of the Mediterranean Sea in Izmir.

➙ In terms of fun activities time, there are thousands of things to do in Izmir. It’s the best place to travel for your summer vacation.

Today, Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey in terms of population density. Due to the upcoming migrations, the city has become crowded and has occasionally been having traffic jams.

Still, Izmir is called the city where every Turkish person would want to live or at least retire. In fact, the laidback lifestyle and the weather of Izmir are very attractive.

In our Izmir City Travel Guide, we will present you Izmir as a real local guide and give you all the tips to enjoy the city at it’s full potential, while you are in vacation.

Now, let’s dive into how you can reach Izmir, what you can do over there, which museums to see, which food to eat, where to sleep and which neighborhoods to visit upon arrival.

Izmir City - Travel Guide Articles

Let’s make a tour of Izmir in detail right now! Here are the articles that will help you discover Izmir in detail:

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